Finishing School


With the sole objective of producing industry ready engineering students, KMCE follows the successful KMIT’s comprehensive Finishing School program for its Final year students. It is our belief that this program will go a long way in bridging the industry-academia gap. The Finishing School is run concurrently with the B.E. course, unlike other Finishing schools which are offered after the completion of B.Tech.


The Finishing School program consists of two semesters. The first semester of the Finishing School runs concurrently with the third year second semester of JNTU while the second semester runs concurrently with the fourth year, first semester. A student has the choice to opt for various tracks offered.


  • Foundation Track: C, C++, Core and Advanced Java, RDBMS, OS fundamentals.
  • Aptitude Skills: Quantitative Techniques, Verbal Ability, Reasoning, Puzzles, General Knowledge, Group Discussion: General Interest, Creative topics, Education, Social Topics etc., ELearning: Video Sessions are available online, enabling concept revision.
  • Soft Skills: Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Business Dressing, Personality Development, Time Management, and others (per industry requirement)
KMCE does not charge any fees for Finishing School training for Placements. It is free to the students.


Tessellator is KMCE’s learning management system. It is customized version of Moodle, an open source learning management system provided by Google. We at KMIT have customized it as per our needs and have been using it on multiple networks. It provides an option of 2 different modules. After each programming class, students are required to take a quiz which is a collection of multiple choice questions. Once they submit the quiz, they are presented with a form where they have guidelines to write code( program Eg: JAVA, C) pertaining to the class held. There are usually three programs given to the students as a part of the test. If the student is a slow learner, he/ she might be able to work on a single program. The fast learners may go to the 3rd program. Google’s platform Moodle by itself doesn’t have the code compilation technique but we at KMCE have extended its capabilities to suffice our needs and have added code compilation techniques for JAVA, C and few other programming languages.

SONET - School Of New and Emerging Technologies

With the objective of producing industry ready engineering students. KMCE has instituted a comprehensive SONET program for its students. This program will go a long way in bridging the industry-academia gap that all of us are so well aware of. The SONET program is run concurrently with the B.E. course


  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Blockchain architecture design & use cases
  • Cybersecurity – Ethical Hacking
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • MEAN Stack Web Development
  • Unreal Programming
  • CUDA Programming
  • Kotlin / Android Programming

Arjuna - Weekly Programming Competition


Arjuna is a weekly coding competition, conducted for KMCE students(1st to 3rd years) . These sessions are conducted every Sunday. Winners will get cash prizes per week based on internal assessment followed by a one on one interview


  • Three coding activities per Arjuna session (Sunday).

  • Solutions of previous session will be discussed in Java every Arjuna session.

  • At the end of the session new activities will be started for next session.

  • Top 2 students (winners) from each Year of KMCE will get weekly cash prizes.

  • Winners will be decided based on fastest submission time.

Project School

Objective, milestone:

The ultimate objective of Project School is to provide students with a well-rounded skill set that includes hands-on experience with end-to-end projects, as well as an understanding of the integration of multiple technologies into a single frame. This will not only enhance their technical abilities but also give them a competitive edge in the job market. We believe that Project School will be a valuable addition to our educational institution and will help our students to be better prepared for the industry.

Selection process

Eligibility of Project School is open to all students, with selection based on their performance in a machine test on programming languages. Seats are limited and will be allotted based on test scores and availability. Once selected, students are free to form their own teams of 5 members.

Resources allocated for the project:

To ensure that the projects are completed to the highest standard, students will be given time and space to discuss and review their work. This review process will be designed through tasks and reading assignments that guide students through different methods of problem-solving and help them to finish their projects successfully. The venue for project school will be at the Virtusa Excellence Centre, where students will have access to the necessary resources and support to complete their projects.

Finish line:

It is our aim that every student in project school will complete 4 different projects, gaining a strong understanding of the latest technologies and industry practices. We are confident that this initiative will equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure high-paying jobs with confidence

Details about Project School:

  • Students selection starts from first semester of second year
  • Students have to complete one project per semester per student
  • Every 10 students per project (2 teams of 5 each)
  • Every project has a mentors
  • Students have to select their project domain in AI / ML, AWS, Cyber Security, Blockchain, IOT, Unreal, YOLO v4, Etc.
  • The project review will be done weekly basis only.
  • Project School Process Flow